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My life has been defined by a series of choices—some made by me, some made by those I loved.


One of the hardest choices was ten years ago, when I left Coraline Campbell and Lilac Harbor in the rearview mirror to play hockey and provide for my father. Now, I’m back. Back in the small town I grew up in, breathing in the same air of the last person who made me feel whole. Chasing that feeling. 


Coraline has made her own choices. She’s not the same girl I fell in love with, and she has her own secrets to hide. When her final choice brings me to my knees, I have my own decision to make. 


Will I let the anger and betrayal consume me, or will I fight for the only thing in my life that makes sense? Can we have a second chance?

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Now Live and in Kindle Unlimited

I’ve become a Vegas cliché.

Woke up next to a strange man? Check.
Wicked hangover? Check.
Small boulder of a diamond on my left ring finger? Also, check.

I’ve never been known for my excellence in decision making. However, this one decision may take the cake. I’ve somehow ended up married to Everett Brown, the world-renowned woodworker notorious for being a reclusive grump. That reclusive grump is also tall, dark, and handsome as hell.

After Everett’s agent calls congratulating him on his nuptials, and talking about how amazing it will look for the upcoming media showcase on him, I realize we need to stay married and live together. At least for the next few weeks anyways. Now I have to continue running the family hardware store while also playing the role of blissful newlywed. I’ve never been married before, but I’ve got this.


Marriage can’t be that hard—right?

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About Me

Evie Graham believes you can do all things with either food smothered in blue cheese dressing, earl gray tea or the right bourbon - especially the bourbon. She’s a huge fan of all Boston sports teams and lives for firing up the Duck Boats. Well known in her family for being a notorious bookworm and reading everything she could get her hands on, her love affair with romance started early. Evie lives on the lakeshores of New England with her husband, two kids, and one grumpy old cat. 

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